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Siemens - Engineer intern

Enterprise : Siemens AG (Digital Factory)

Duration : April - September 2018 (5 month)

Place : Karlsruhe - Germany

Confidential Subject.

Security Python Qt DeepLearning Linux/Windowsspan>
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Siemens - Engineer intern

Enterprise : Siemens AG (Digital Factory)

Duration : April - September 2017 (5 month)

Place : Karlsruhe - Germany

Study and migration of Simatic Application (automation system based) to UWP.

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UWP Centennial Simatic Siemens C#

Main Work / Project

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GEMS Simulation

GEMS is a web-based business simulation game for universities and engineering school aiming to train student to the management of an any-size organization. I Learnt by myself all the required business knowledge.

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Python Django Django ORM GNU/Linux
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SuperTux : multiplayer mode

ISIMA third year project (in progress): add a mutliplayer game (local and over network) to SuperTux, an Open-Source clone of Super Mario Bros.

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C++ SDL Network OpenGL
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PGLX is a small Enterprise Resource Planning for Centre de Première Intervention (fire stations). This ERP allows the administration staff to easily manage firemen and write, store and edit reports of the fire station interventions. Listened and diagnosed users needs in order to deliver a fully functional and easy to use program meeting all the user needs.

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Python PyQt Peewee ORM
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Fuko is a free and open-source audio and video converter using ffmpeg library. Fuko is hosted on

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Java Android-SDK
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Conception of a web server for the administration of a fleet of Raspberry

For my second year projet at the ISIMA, I developed in pairs a web server for Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand an associative radio aiming to provide users a way to control a fleet of terminals all around the University. Below the report (abstract in english).

GitLab (Web Server)

GitLab (Client)

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PHP Symfony Doctrine (ORM) Réseaux Python Sécurité
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CCTV Security System

For my first year project at the ISIMA, I developed in pairs a CCTV security system with a raspberry aiming to provide security enhancement for the ISIMA's Bureau Des Etudiants (Student Body Council).

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Python OpenCV NodeJS

Personnal Project

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Set up GitLab server

I set up a personnal GitLab server atop an Odroid C2.

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Set up NextCloud servers

Set up and maintenance of NextCloud servers (for non-profit organizations and for my own purpose).

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raspberry zero

Set up and sell Kodi Media Center

I sell preconfigured Kodi Media Center using a raspberry zero for french people.

raspberry zero

Set up and maintain a collaborative software

In order to allow the members of a firestation to share and work on various data and document types I set up the Tracim collaborative software.

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Translate Open source projects

I regulary help in the translation of open source projects.


Debian repository

I used to maintain a debian repository on my own server.