Sydney Gems - Skills



Native speaker.



TOEIC (2017) : 930/990.


Intermediate (B2/C1).



Computer Science skills

Programming languages

python-logo Python

Using for more than 9 years.

python-logo C/C++

Using for more than 5 years.

python-logo Bash and Unix shells

Using it for more than 9 years.

python-logo HTML

Using it for 6 years.

python-logo CSS

Using it for 6 years.

python-logo JavaScript

Using it for 3 years.

python-logo PHP

Using it for 3 years.

java-logo JAVA (SE & EE)

Using it for 2 years.

c#-logo C#

Using it for 2 years.

python-logo SQL

Using it for 4 years. (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Peewee ORM)

ajax-logo AJAX

Using it for 2 years.

uml-logo UML


arm-logo Assembly

Basic notions.

python-logo Scheme/Lisp

Basic notions.


django-logo Django

Using it for 5 years.

symfony-logo Symfony

Using it for 2 years.

System Administration

eclipse-logo Linux system

Very good knowledge in GNU/Linux operating system especially Debian and RHEL based distributions (including Ubuntu-like OS), ArchLinux and some other Unix Systems like AIX and AS400.

pycharm-logo Server

I have used Nginx, Apache2, Gunicorn, letsencrypt for some of my projects.

widows_server-logo Windows and Windows Server

Good overall Knowledge.

widows_server-logo OpenBSD

I use OpenBSD for critical security tasks (mainly firewall).

postfix-logo Email

Set up and maintain some Email servers. Software used : Postfix, Dovecot, Sympa ...

postfix-logo Ansible

widows_server-logo OpenStack

postfix-logo OpenShift


cisco-logo Cisco CCNA

Cisco NetAcad CCNA 1-4 (ISIMA)

cisco-logo Cisco IOS

Cisco IOS

wireshark-logo Wireshark

algosec-logo Algosec

Algosec Fireflow

Integrated Development Environment and Tools

gitlab-logo GitLab

I use git for teamwork and versioning in most of the projects I get involved.



github-logo GitHub

eclipse-logo Eclipse

pycharm-logo Pycharm Community

clion-logo Clion

phphstorm-logo PhpStorm

idea-logo Idea

visual_studio-logo Visual Studio


qt-logo Qt graphical library

Especially PyQt and PySide with the 5th version of the Qt library.

wordpress-logo Wordpress

docker-logo Docker

labview-logo LabView

About 15 hours.

matlab-logo MatLab

Less than 10 hours.

blender-logo Blender

Mesh modeling and animating and motion tracking.

nessus-logo Nessus

metasploit-logo Metasploit

latex-logo LaTex

latex-logo Grav

bootstrap-logo Bootstrap of course

I am not a web designer nonetheless I know how web design works and how create beautiful web sites (as assiduous IT engineer student).