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Interests & Activities

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Volunteer firefighter and paramedic.

I'm volunteer firefighter and ambulance man (in France firefighter and paramedic units are the same) since the age of 16 in a village and in a town fire stations (Aspach-Michelbach and Thann). This grateful but very hard job requires close teamwork, permanent and highly intensive training. For me it is a great sense of accomplishment to rescue people in need.


Communication Responsible of Linux Arverne.

Association promoting Open source software in Auvergne (France province).

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Correspondant scientifique ASTEP.

The ASTEP (Accompagnement en Science et Technologie à l’École Primaire) school program offers student the aibility to give scientific lessons to children in primary school. Last year subject's heading I taught was "Create a self-propelled vehicule". The children learnt how to build a moving vehicule without electrical component. It is a very attractive way to introduce children to science concepts and for me it was an excellent way to learn to explain technical terms to uninitiated children.

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Openstreetmap cartographer

I contribute to the open source project, OpenStreetMap by editing maps with the higher accuracy I can of places I visit. Beside the fact that OSM is an open source community driven project widely used all over the world, it also provide a very detailed world wide map and a huge help for the natural disaster victims thanks to the humanitarian layer. Thus I envoy taking part in such a big project.



Choir singing.

Love singing in the shower and in front of an audiance. I was member of the university chorus for 3 years and the local chorus for 5 years.


Rail Transport Modelling.

Since my earliest childhood I am fascinated by the model railroading and have my own layout (HO scale) made up of 4 locomotives, 3 tracks and 15 wagons (and I still hold the same love playing with it).


Retro futurist car.

I am fond of old car design (especially 50's to 80's Americans car) along with retro futuristic design. I hope one day I will have such a car but with an electric engine of course!